Will Ethereum Ever Hit 10000?

And we’re making new high that means this thing broke to the upside and we’re now continuing the trend and the trend is clearly going up another chart you want to always have a look is the bitcoin dominance chart look at the bitcoin dominance chart on the 12 hour.

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We just broke out of this triangle let me show you this descending triangle we’ve been waiting for it to break down for around two months already we’re waiting 53 days guys we’ve been waiting and now we broke bearish obviously it could be a fake out and bitcoin can.

Which Crypto Will Explode In 2021?

Reverse and all that but at the moment everything looking amazing now we just need to break out of the breakdown this rising trend line once this rising trend line gonna break down guys you’re gonna get the biggest out season ever probably because this trendline been holding the bitcoin.

Dominance for the last three years since 2018 here yeah uh yeah around three years we’ve been trading above this trend line if we’re gonna break below that you can get massive altcoin nightmare pumps all across the boards okay and another chart you want to look at is the fbtc ethereum btc possible double bottom okay you can see is a very nice double bottom right here on the chart that’s at bottom and that’s another bottom we just need to take that high on the satoshi chart at around 0.05 for each btc and this thing gonna go.

Can Ethereum Reach $20000?

Completely nightmare mode also ethereum if there is very nearing the break of its all-time high at 2k level once this thing gonna break out this thing gonna go completely bananas all right guys so prepare for the out season if you’re new in crypto it’s very important to do the research before you buy these alcohols you you want to pick your the right alt ones you want to buy the undervalued altcoins not the overvalued altcoins because the potential gains of the undervalued is much higher than the overpriced altcoins okay now i want to share with you. Ethereum: what is it and why has the price gone parabolic? (theconversation.com)

Will Ethereum Reach 1000 Again?

Our last best trade for last month okay in the trading group so if you’re interested check it out and we had this trade regarding theta okay theta on march 3rd we gave this signal okay look at that let me show you zoom in here theta add-on okay we’ve been building a position in theta for a while and that wasn’t in march 3rd we bought it at 3.9 now let me show you what the price of theta these days before all the hype that was where we’ve been buying it we’ve been buying it right here at.

Ethereum Price Prediction

3.9 okay if you were trading with us last month you could have trip quadruple your money on the theta trade meaning if you put a 10k here you come up with 40k max gains all right guys and you know we trade in legit uh high liquidity coins we don’t trade these you know small caps too much because they are very high risk okay and we don’t want to risk our capital we’re here to make money we are profit maximalist and if you want to join our trading group first of all like the article follow.