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There are less tokens on the circulation that’s why price can rise fundamentally this is a very good fundamental uh catalyst to spark the price now this is meaningless without a very good price action on the chart now let’s look on the chart the chart finance versus btc here.

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Look at that we’re coming out of a base for around 40 days okay that’s what the 40 days reaccumulation here at the top 40 days and we now closed a four hour candle if you go to the line chart you remove the noise you can see we closed.

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Outside of the box okay that’s a bullish confirmation that this reaccumulation broke to the upside obviously it could be a fake out to me it’s not looking like a second it looks like the real deal i already have a bag me and our trading group have a nice.

Bag now another thing keep in mind that bnb did lately okay we broke hell bullish in february made a new all-time high that was the prior all-time high and we came back all the way to the all-time high levels flip it to support and now we are ramping up higher this is super bullish chart you want to put it on your radar and you know balance coin when you buy a binance coin you actually invest in pretty much investing in violence okay now it’s probably the best investment out there because it’s the best exchange the.

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Strongest exchange the highest liquidity and it’s actually top three dog in the market cap so basically it’s a no-brainer to own in your portfolio and let’s have a look on the dynon’s usd chart minus usd chart already breaking out we have a three-day confirmation outside of the symmetrical triangle this thing is going higher it’s very it’s almost certain that it’s going higher okay now you can see also on the daily time frame we have a confirmation it broke out came back to reach us the triangle and now we’re making higher heights we just need to.

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Take the 350 and it’s going to price discovery mode and it’s probably going to do a face melting rally in the face of visitors now to me this is a good buy it’s still a good buy to it’s still it’s still a good buy it’s still under resistance okay to me if i didn’t have a huge bag i would buy now a huge bag okay now last time binance point was consolidate okay was consolidating here you can see this little box for seven days okay it was consolidating and look what happened after it boom the. It’s not just bitcoin — here are the top 10 biggest cryptocurrencies – Financial News (

Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2021

Smart people that been buying this reaccumulation made a quick hundred and thirty percent on spot trading without leveraging bs okay obviously we took that trade in the training group i want to give a shout out to our trading group if we’re already here looking at bonus coin i want to show you we obviously nailed it that was the setup from february 17. Okay and okay very simple you buy the break of 141.7 okay that was where we’ve binded binance coin we made a quick here that was the entry 147. We made a quick 120 obviously.

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Cash out and now we bought the breakout of the triangle again okay history repeats itself it’s very simple you just need to put yourself in the right timing and in the right crypto okay by the way guys if you like this content give us a like follow to the rcas blog leave a comment down below and i wanna i wanna bring something to your attention we have a lot of spammers and unwanted people and bots and on do youtube okay so if somebody saying that it is crypto mindset and it’s giving you these bs things on.

The comments okay please ignore it you can also report it because it’s a fake account you can see this is the difference this is me and this is nobody this is hot air robot and if you click on that dude okay you can see it have no comment it have no content so basically it means it have no content so it’s a fake account okay so ignore everything and if you want to join our trading group the only thing you need to do is first click on the link in the description you have the pin.