Why Is Zilliqa Going Up?

To close the first weekly candle body you can see this is a lion chart we’re going to close the first weekly candle body above 300 satoshi’s this is a massive buy signal for zeal btc let’s zoom in here on the daily what you can see here what’s going.

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On here look at that we broke above this is the first time we broke above this level and stay there we actually stayed there for around two weeks we are trading above this level we create a little base here look at this base we’re forming here right look.

Is Zilliqa A Good Investment?

At that visitor look at this base pattern here okay just a matter of time till this thing is going to moonshot moonshot okay this is inevitable inevitable now this chart it looks exactly like theta btc chart before it went nightmare let me show you the theta btc chart.

Is Zilliqa A Shitcoin?

What i’m talking about here theta theta btc look at theta btc right here okay look at this chart big massive cap with handle and an ascending triangle on the daily broke to the upside and it went exponentially higher if you bought that breakout on theta you made 300 we nailed it in the trading group anyway the view btc is doing exactly the same thing look at that massive cut with handle on the btc with an ascending triangle squeezing and squeezing okay this thing is going to the moon whether you like it or not that’s what.b Latest (ZIL) Zilliqa News – Zilliqa Crypto News (Apr 9, 2021) | CoinFi

Is Zilliqa A Good Investment 2021?

It’s going to happen obviously if bitcoin will start crashing now to 30k silica will have to wait you know what i mean anyway let’s have a look on the dollar chart zeal dollar okay oh let’s look on that chart a longer time frame right here you can see on the dollar chart we are approaching the all-time high for silicon all right look at that that’s the all-time high for silica two three around 23 cents that’s the all-time high for silica but what you can see here on the dollar is that we are close then let’s.

Zilliqa Price Prediction

Look on the three-day see if we’re closed above it no not yet we didn’t had a close above the all-time high candle body close yet on the three day what about the weekly the weekly the weekly going to close you can see the weekly close in the last bull run in 2018 that was the highest weekly candle body closed around 17 cents right now we are about to close this scandal way above that so that’s a bullish confirmation for the long-term investors so anyway visitor silica looking amazing if you don’t have a bag on zil.

Zilliqa News 2021

You’re insane it’s probably going to make you a lot of money in april and may i want to share with you i want to give a shout out to our trading group here we’ve been buying zeal here at in october at two cents okay we’ve been buying let me show you this setup okay we bought some zeal here look at that look at the setup here from october 1st that’s the trading group you get an email notification you just buy it look at let me zoom in here scoop some zeal okay the price was 0.019.

Zilliqa Price Prediction 2030

Let’s make it 0.02 okay we’ve been buying it here right here right here let me mark it for you i have to brag because it’s the best trade we had in the in the group because we just huddle it and we actually up we are we’re at 10x on the back so that’s massive gains for us and yeah visitor if you want to join our training group stop the article click on the link in the description we just start a new month alt season is here bull market is here but if you’re new to crypto.