Is Theta A Good Investment?

Level once we conquer that level next target is 20 bucks easy peasy keep it simple now if you are stressful and you don’t know when to sell stuff like that first of all you need to watch this trendline if it breaks below this trend down that’s a sell.

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Signal okay you can sell and buy back lower and yeah man just just huddle it just huddle it and trend write it this thing is super bullish and it still didn’t go parabolic okay it’s still in the round-up phase in my opinion when once it’s gonna go parabolic.

How Much Is Theta Coin Worth?

You know you can start you will it will print candles of like 50 in a day then you want to start taking some profit but at the moment there is no reason to panic okay people chill bro just hold the theta okay huddle and buy stata on the.

Way up by the way not a financial advice if you hold theta by the way like the article and follow to the rcas blog we’re gonna go to t field in a minute i just wanna share with you where we bought the last add-on for theta we actually position size we bought here okay at 2.7 here that breakout you can see the breakout of that level and we broke the breakout of that level i want to show you that setup okay that’s the theta add-on okay by the breakout of 3.9 all right we are currently up. Theta Token Rises 17,000% in a Year, Cracks Top 10 Coins – Decrypt

What Does Theta Coin Do?

On our bag from this level boom 170 and we bought here as well so we are up more than a double on a huge bag okay that’s the beauty in theta you can buy a lot of it because it’s super liquid and it’s a big dog it’s not a scam coin okay you don’t want to be you don’t need don’t need to be you know safe about it now let’s have a look on t field guys tifu is breaking out of a lovely bull flag here look at the daily ball flag boom we had a.

Theta Tv News

Parabolic pump a massive parabolic pump and it retraced just 35 percent okay that shows a lot of strength and also it’s holding above the 10 daily moving average by the way it’s not confirmed we need to wait for the daily to close in five hours and 40 minutes but still guys you know if you if you if you’ve been in crypto for a while you know once they break in out of these bull flags or falling wedges they usually go higher especially when the alpha dog theta is breaking to higher regions okay anyway i scooped.

Theta Crypto Price Prediction

Some t fuel here on the 35 cents area breakout okay today had to scoop some and yeah i want to give a shout out to our trading room also for the t fuel trade we nailed let me show you that t fuel breakout here that was from march 4th if you break out where we bought it at one three eight okay put it here that’s the line okay that’s where we bought it 138 back in the days rode it all the way to the top cashed out at around the 40 cents mark and now bought.