Is Filecoin A Good Investment?

Lows okay from the all-time lows basically on the accumulation range back in the days like 50 dollars to 20 congrats to you you are a rock star like the article and follow to the rcas blog leave a comment down below now if you want to buy filecoin and you’re.

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A new investor and looking for buying filecoin because it’s very hypey and it’s trending and it’s going parabolic this is a big mistake okay you don’t want to buy into coins that already pumped okay they already pumped 12x in the last two months can it go higher absolutely.

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But what is more likely what’s the risk reward ratio always think about risk before you put your hard-earned money there is a lot of new people coming to crypto and they listening to youtubers that shilling coins that have been already pumped 50x 100x 20x this is not a.

Strategy you might get lucky one day but most of the days you’re going to get completely wrecked and all your your account will go down very very fast okay so you don’t wanna you don’t wanna do it okay you wanna look for a reaccumulation breakout okay file coin is amazing example for example if you look on the file point chart for hour okay you can see it’s consolidating here boom reaccumulation and once it break out boom a big move another reaccumulation okay boom now falcon is a very good coin because it’s very liquid it’s already.

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Top 10 dog okay pushing today insanely high volume okay but at the moment there is no entry you don’t want to buy here unless you are a day trader and you’re trading the five minutes chart yeah but if you’re looking for a swing trade to hold for a couple of weeks a month to make a 4x 2x 1x this is not an entry guys okay share a comment down below tell me what do you think about this plan by the way if you’ve been holding filecoin and you’re looking and you think about exiting what i’m.

Is Filecoin Mining Profitable?

Gonna do i have a little bag okay this thing on the daily chart you don’t see any kind of a slowing down or weakness okay i’m gonna wait for a daily close that will look bearish once i see a bearish daily close let’s say a hammer an inverse hammer or a gravestone doji on the daily i’m just gonna get out and wait for it to consolidate and then i’m gonna jump back in i rather buy a break out of consolidation to the upside than holding it when it’s let’s say it’s going it’s going consolidated to. 3 Altcoins That Could Outpace Bitcoin in the Coming Years | Nasdaq

Filecoin Price Prediction 2030

The side with and then it break down that means it is a distribution and you want to get out okay you want to have a strategy and you want to have a plan what if scenario okay because you’re already up in sick gains now you don’t want to bring back your profits to the market and there is always more opportunities especially in an all season you can always flip the money to another undervalued coins that is now ready to go nightmare parabolic now i want to give a shout out to our trading group this file.

Is It Worth Investing In Filecoin

Coin we spotted back in march 26th look at this setup okay we bought at the hundred dollar we scooped some fill and also we bought a gain on on the next day after march 27 we bought the breakout of one three eight so basically we’ve been holding a nice chunk of file coin since the hundred dollar level okay so if you were in our trading group at the moment max gain is 120 in five days of trading no no leverage no you know bs okay classic spot bind you get email notification you just log into.

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Your account you market by and that’s it now if you want to join our trading group stop the article click on the link in the description choose a tier we give every day market updates on all holdings and all trades we are in okay so you always keep your head level headed.