Is Kyber Network A Good Investment 2021?

The nasty pullback and now it’s overshooting all the way to three point three dollars already hit 3.0 we have resistance here at around 3.5 okay my expectation guys my target for knc this is going nightmare mode okay if you measure the cap with handle obviously you need to.

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Be patient guys it’s not gonna happen in one day it could but it’s not have to anyway i’m expecting our next target the big target is around five point two dollar this is like the big target for me for kmc obviously i’m going to huddle it i’ve been. Kyber Network News, Analysis and Price Prediction (KNC) | MarketBeat

Is Knc Coin A Good Investment?

Buying it here on the accumulation range let me show you uh the other side the btc chart can see bitcoin chart look at that case bitcoin start getting very stronger here as well we’re getting big volume breakout and we just made a higher high obviously not confirmed that.

We need to close this daily candle above 5200 satoshis but this looking bl is looking very good you can see we took that high we already make it higher highs if we can take that high okay 61 okay 6 124 satoshi’s it would probably go nightmare mode anyway if you hold k and c like the article follow to the rcas blog leave a comment down below tell me what’s your price target for cancer i’m expecting massive move for cancer in the coming months this thing is super undervalued if you’re new to crypto and you don’t don’t.

Is Cardano A Good Investment 2021?

Buy now wait for it to pull back okay because it’s probably going to pull back but you want to look for the coins that are undervalued casey is undervalued okay it it didn’t pop 30x in february like most cryptos okay so you want to look for these coins you don’t want to chase the big pumps if you’re in new money don’t be a dumb money all right let me share with you we’ve been buying we’ve been accumulating here kfc on the accumulation range in a trading group let me show you this setup okay accumulation to.

Is Kyber Network A Good Investment 2021?

Play from november 5th scooped another kfc bag boom look at that 72 cents that’s the price we’ve been buying kmc right here we are already up on that bag 370 percent i’m expecting to go to five dollars do the math is around 6k 6kx and and we are also add because we are very bullish on ksc we’ve been adding on the breakout of 1.5 back in february 2nd okay so from that entry from 1.5 around here we are up 110 and we just added another breakout rate right here at the 2.5 area anyway i’m super.