Is Digibyte A Good Investment 2021?

You can see the volume here we were 100 million yesterday now it’s 465 million for t fuel this is massive increase it’s more than 4x the volume increase in a day okay this is the things that shows a significant a shift in the trend okay that was a.

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Little a little downtrend for around you know a couple of days what was that around 10 days little downtrend and boom okay a breakout of the trend this is a booth like basically if you zoom out okay you know this is a ball flag and we were talking.

How Much Is Tfuel Worth?

About it yesterday on the update if you watch the update yesterday and bought it bought the breakout like the article and follow to the rcas blog okay now basically my price expectations okay you know my style of t-fuel and theta i’m just gonna let them ride okay now regarding.

T fuel regarding t fuel i’m gonna take some profit on these levels okay these levels at around 66 67 cents okay i’m going to take some more profit at the 90 cents okay and i’m going to take some more profit at the 1.2 obviously we leave the majority of the bag on the table in anticipation for a massive move all the way to the main at lunch in the end of april okay i’m expecting a major major leg up okay now obviously we’re going to have some pullbacks we’re going to have you know we’re going.

How Much Is Tfuel Worth In 2030?

To have bumps and dumps you know along the way it’s not gonna go straight up vertical okay like people think markets moving no no but anyway anyway this is amazing coin to have okay we are breaking out making higher highs in a weak market while while bitcoin is pulling back and all altcoins are bleeding out t fuel is making higher highs okay this is no joke this is super bullish for the coin and it’s probably gonna go way higher than you expect by the way i want to give a shout out to our trading group.

How Much Is Tfuel Worth In 2021?

For taking that trade yesterday that was the setup look at that you get email notification t fuel swing trade okay march 22nd okay teta going nuts scoop some t fuel will probably follow up very simple you just buy t fuel here look at that look at the price the price was 35 let me show you the zoom in here that was a setup 35 cents that’s what where we buying here okay right here that was the entry let me show you the entry here 35 okay already from yesterday we are up on the bag 50. Theta Fuel current price 0.37 USD – prediction and forecasts TFUEL/USD (