Is Zil A Good Investment 2021?

Actually the main thing guys you know in the channel we like the charts first of all we’re looking at zeal ethereum we’re breaking out of a lovely cup with handle for the past two months okay we’re talking about since january 21st we already broke out confirmed the breakout.

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High volume breakout here bullish posture amazing looking chart now another chart you want to look at is zeal btc okay zeal btc guys on the weekly gonna give us probably amazing buy signal probably okay now you can see this weekly candle okay we need to close it above.

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291 satoshi’s okay this is a weekly time frame okay we’re looking on silica versus bitcoin chart okay since may 13 sorry 13th of may 2019 okay this is we’ve been consolidating under this resistance for the last 700 days and if we’re gonna close a weekly candle above this.

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Line okay this is the confirmed breakout of a multi-month actually multi-year cup with handle on the bitcoin chart now the move that will come if we’re going to close this weekly candle above it will blow your mind completely if you hold silica like the article give a comment down below and subscribe to the channel and let’s have a look on the dollar chart now i’m expecting a move by the way from silica btc all the way to this level after we confirm the breakout minimum to this level okay we’re talking about 520 if we if.

Zil Price Prediction 2021

We break out from here that’s in a rather another 60 games on top of the bitcoin that’s basically much more on the dollar and possible doubling on this next leg up maybe maybe we’re gonna overshoot we’re probably gonna overshoot guys this thing is super hot at the moment now let’s have a look on the dollar chart on the dollar chart we’re looking very very bullish we already took the february high here okay we’re respecting this trend line as you can see this rising trend line here boom boom every time we’re coming back to this trend.

Zil Price Prediction Tomorrow

Line okay look at that look at that amazing coin beautiful price action we’re making higher lows higher highs higher lows higher highs on the daily timeframe big volume breakout confirmation right here on the chart we close the daily candle this is a very very bullish coin to put it on your radar and if you don’t hold zeal in your portfolio this is a big mistake we’ve been holding silica since october last year let me show you this setup i want to give a shout out to our trading group guys we are killing it zeal scooping.

Zil Predictions 2021

From october 1st that’s the setup you get email notification look at that we bought zil back in the days you can see the date october 1st 0.019 okay this is where we bought it okay let me just brag a little bit because that’s the best trade of the of the last five months because we’re not selling we’re basically just holding it and staking it so you don’t basically sell and just by sitting on your bag first of all you get passive income from silica second of all you get monster return because you don’t sell too.