Is Vechain Going To Rise?

We pulled back from it now we came back to broke above it re-test and we consolidate now today when the bitcoin drop okay it dropped quite hard okay v chain broke bullish okay it’s it this is an inverse correlation and you need to take notice this is an.

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Anomaly the market v chain market tells you hey bro i’m bullish i’m going higher and i don’t care about bitcoin okay now if you zoom in here on the smaller time frame look at that consecutive big green candles on the six hour guys this is super bullish super.

How High Can Vechain Go 2021?

Bullish if you don’t hold v chain at the moment what are you waiting for let’s have a look on vtc that btc is breaking out of amazing cup with handle here okay take note of it look at that we’ve been in this cup with handle look at this.

This is a cup of the last 180 days roughly okay you can see this nice cup with a little handle here and boom look at the breakout guys once we broke above the 130 satoshis let me show you this level just for you to understand what we’re talking about this level of resistance what we broke above it look at the breakout guys this thing is on fire let’s look on the volume today that btc vet 625 million guys this is a very big volume for which and i’m following v chain for a while and usually. Vechain — TradingView

Is Vechain A Good Investment 2021?

You know it’s it’s between a hundred 200 300 million here on missouri today we have 625 million this is an anomaly very big volume breakout for v chain high demand it’s probably gonna go to the top guys in the coming days or weeks i’m expecting it to go to at least this stop on the satoshi chart and once we’re gonna break that level it’s gonna moonshot way beyond your expectation now our first target obviously our first target on the dollar chart okay let me show you the first target take the feed retracement here boom we’re.

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Talking about the 2618 extension from the dip it’s around 10 cents obviously psychological level very good place to take some profit me personally already took some profit on the trade i’ve been buying it here at the sixth sense breakout and yeah i’m just gonna let it ride this thing looking super bullish guys by the way if you like vegeta first of all give us a like like this article leave a comment down below tell me your price targets for v chain for march by the way if you know on any kind of fundamental news event.

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Share it down below comment on the post like the article i want to share with you the setup we are killing it in the out season guys in the trading group let me show you the setup on which and we’ve been trading article for a while you know we’re buying breakouts on article that’s the style and let me show you the setup okay that’s that swing trade from mark seven okay okay you buy a the break above let me zoom in buy a break above 0.06 cents okay very simple you just buy the breakout that’s.

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It you buy the breakout that’s it you just buy here okay that was where we bought it okay like last week we are already up on the bag 40 not bad you know obviously it’s not like you know the massive crypto gains you’ve seen at the moment but give it some time be patient and reach and going to reward you because it’s now in my opinion it’s now going to its parabolic phase you can see the curve you can see the curve here in the chart the the the chart starting to go parabolic you can.

Vechain Partnerships 2021

See the parabola here on the chart candle this daily candle is massive okay you can expect the next coming candles obviously you might consolidate we might pull back but in the long run we’re talking about in the next week or two we’re expecting a major parabolic pamphlet and you can see the volume breakout here on the daily chart and we didn’t even close the candle i’m gonna keep you updated guys on everything that happened with article you’re probably gonna go parabolic like the article follow to the rcas blog and if you want to join our trading.