Is Tfuel A Good Investment?

With data but anyway guys this is looking so bullish look at that look how we protected this level as support let’s zoom in here on the one hour okay as you can see that was a strong support 6.4 look at that we didn’t broke below six it just.

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Went from four that was our our last hour our serious resistance was around four dollars it just went to form four dollars all the way to eight dollars it came back down didn’t even came back to six you know this shows epic strength epic strength and as you.

How Do I Cash Out Theta?

Can see now when all the coins are like chopping around theta theta is breaking out this is this is amazing for theta if you’re a theta hauler like the article follow to the rcas blog leave a comment down below let’s look on the theta btc theta btc also breaking.

Out of a nice falling wedge here on the one hour you can see we confirmed it on the one one-hour time frame we just need to close the four-hour candle in 49 minutes to make it look bullish if we can close it like that above 12 000 satoshi’s this will be very bullish time and you know after it’s gonna break four thousand satoshi this thing gonna go nightmare mode in my opinion we’re going we’re going i don’t i wouldn’t be surprised to see theta next week sixteen dollars because look at that we’ve been under the.

What Does Theta Crypto Do?

Four dollar okay four dollar mark was a strong resistance okay got rejected from four dollar came back broke it came back to retest so four dollar now we add eight dollars okay so once we break the eight dollars i wouldn’t be surprised to see sixteen dollars data in the coming weeks guys you know we have a lot of events this is a very bullish coin let’s look on t fuel t fuel also recovering with theta so by the way if you don’t have any standard or t-shirt just thinking oh should i wait for lower prices.Theta Fuel current price 0.36 USD – prediction and forecasts TFUEL/USD (

Is Theta Coin A Good Investment?

Oh should i do that hey bro learn to scale in stop thinking too much your thinking and the bull market gonna gonna gonna end man till you finish thinking all right so anyway just buy some data if it breaks lower buy more theta if it breaks lower buy more theta take a bit okay take it back take a decision and stand beyond be behind your decision man up all right guys anyway if you looking amazing guys as well look at this you man look at t fuel consolidation we are now breaking out of this nice.

Theta To Tfuel

Falling wedge again not a financial advice do your own research don’t don’t take my ignore everything i’m saying here let’s look on t fuel bitcoin tv bitcoin also making a nice higher high here on the one hour guys this is on the one hour okay so we know it’s not the most reliable time frame we want to look on the daily but you know this is this is a parabolic phase so in a parabolic phase the daily don’t give you too much you know in one day it can you can pop a hundred percent all.

Theta Token

Right anyway guys thank you very much for watching have a wonderful day by the way i want to give a shout out to our trading group let me show you the last time we bought theta here let me show you that setup here from march 3rd let me zoom in yeah add on trade okay as you can see we’ve been accumulating theta for the last couple of months add-on trade add another two percent at 3.9 okay boom look at that that was the last entry here boom 3.9 right here we are already up a hundred.

Theta Coin Price Prediction

Percent and it’s probably going to go to 16 20 even 30 dollars in the coming weeks leading to the main net at the 21st of april you know this is this is like an almost a sure trade by the way if you don’t know how to trade with stop loss if you’re not in a group that tells you when to get out when to flip your bitcoin when to buy ethereum when to be in cash ignore everything we say here and if you want to join our trading group stop the article click on the link.