Is Polkadot A Good Investment?

But it could also moonshot and ramp up you know to the fifty dollars i’m expecting polka dots fifty dollars very soon guys very soon we’re gonna see polka dot at fifty dollars in my humble opinion let’s look on the volume today polka dot 1.18 billion market cap 35.

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Billion this thing looking good let’s look on dot btc let’s look on dot first of all let’s go on the daily daily looking great as you can see we are respecting this trend line we have this trend line for dawn this is a very bullish chart guys a.

What Is Polkadot Worth?

Very bullish chart looks like a super stock anyway you can see every time we come to this trend line boom we’re breaking out boom a higher low higher high higher low higher low higher low higher low higher low higher low higher low higher low and now we are.

What Can I Do With Polkadot?

Coiling here guys very likely we’re gonna make a big move for polka dot if you don’t hold polka dot at the moment you are probably need to see a doctor let’s have a look on btc guys dot btc what’s up with dot btc dot btc possible breakout from a little flag here okay let me show you what we’re talking about let’s look on the six hour yeah look at that nice falling wedge here on the six hour on the on the bitcoin chart these things once they’re breaking out on the bitcoin chart they usually lo. Polkadot forecast 2021 to 2025. This is how Polkadot (DOT) could… | by Lukas Wiesflecker | Coinmonks | Medium

What Is Theta Fuel Used For?

They will really play out very very well and also very good to keep in mind the dot ethereum chart guys if you hold this theorem and you don’t hold dot you can always open up the dot versus the theorem chart and see which coin is outperforming which okay you can see polka dot outperforming ethereum since january okay since january it’s up on the ethereum 240 okay now it had a very nice pullback this is ignore the the wicks here this is kraken scammy anyway pull back here and now it’s probably gonna make a higher high.

Polkadot Price Prediction 2025

And also you can see we’re pulled back all the way to the prior resistance right here okay just to sum it up guys polka dot very bullish coin to hold we’ve been holding polka dots since the six dollars i want to share with you this setup and give a shout out to our trading group this is our setup we’ve been accumulating dots since the six dollar level look at that let me zoom in here on the chart you can see this setup you get email notification from december 28th you zoom in look at that by.

Polkadot Price Prediction 2030

The break of six dollar okay this is where we bought dot first time okay since then we are up on our bag okay this is a long term play we don’t sell it we just trim it all the way we shave some before major you know turnaround in the market but at the moment we are up more than 6x okay 500 that’s 6x your money basically you put six you put a thousand you make 6k anyway if you like to join our trading group by the way like the article like the article follow to the.