What Does Dent Mean?

See it hit this all-time high on april 5th basically when all of the altcoins were going crazy we saw this hit an all-time high of about 0.022 and ever since it hit that it’s been going all the way back down and we do see that one dent coin.

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Right now is equal to 0.01398 usd so it’s been almost retraced around 50 of its previous all-time high and now what are we gonna do well in today’s article i’m going to tell you what i am looking at as far as for levels of support and what dent.

When Was Dent Coin Launched?

Coin is basically in terms of what they do so over the last day here we do see that we are down about 16 over the last week we are down about 18 and over the last month we are still up almost 600 percent so the gains are definitely.

Still there now yes it is quite a ways from its all-time high but if we do look at a yearly chart we do see that if this thing is not available but a three-month chart uh we do see it is up almost 5 000 so that is absolutely crazy if people got in back in january february you made a lot of money but anyways moving on here their market cap is about 1.31 billion uh the 24 hour volume is quite low in my opinion about 146 million the total circulating supply is about 94 billion and.

What Kind Of Currency Is Dent Used For?

Then uh they don’t actually say their max supply is probably in their white paper though so the first thing here we see is that dent is ranked 87th on crypto.Com and now let’s jump on over to their website because we want to know what dent is so the first thing here we do see this is their website cool little surfing action here i kind of kind of makes me want to go surfing even though i have no idea how uh be very interesting to learn though but anyways moving on uh welcome to dent wireless basically.

dent coin chart

what is dent coin

Your new digital and global mobile operator so scrolling down here they do provide worldwide data plans uh global voice calls and then they have mobile data sharing and marketplace for telco and digital assets so moving into that uh mobile data or mobile plans basically uh they say no more long contracts no more expensive roaming fees sign me up 60 countries included install the digital sim card on your iphone to get started so this is basically going to be acting as a provider your phone provider and it sounds a lot better than the ones we have.

What Is A Dent Token?

In canada because i don’t know for you Crypto Hunters but in canada we pay a ridiculous amount of money per month for our cell phones i think i pay 85 canadian every month on my cell phone which is absolutely crazy and i don’t have unlimited uh data i only have like 10 gigs or something so sign me up i might just you know throw my phone away and buy this um but in all seriousness Crypto Hunters we do see that they say one world one operator one affordable price get internet connection in 60 countries worldwide basically for.

The full year this is what the future of mobile data looks like you can keep your mobile number active while dent esim handles the mobile traffic simultaneously so if you did want to go with this you don’t actually have to change your number or anything like that um that would be a very cool feature for this because i know a lot of people don’t want to change their numbers but essentially you will be getting dent worldwide data and you can travel without roaming fees or changing your sim card now i do know in my particular.

Is Dent Coin Scam?

Case for when i traveled to the states for example when there wasn’t a pandemic and you could actually travel around the world well i would have to call my provider and be like hey listen i am going there can you charge me an extra 50 in order in order for me to be able to text in the states so yeah absolutely ridiculous but in here in this case you wouldn’t need to do this so this is very interesting then you have um basically the teams is what they call so dent teams enables free mobile data.

Sharing with other people over multiple devices just buy mobile data on one device and you can share it which is very interesting so basically what dent teams is is you only pay for your data and then you share that data with other users if you want and based on the ever expanding dent ecosystem we created a completely new web app that enables mobile data sharing with esim capable devices and this is again another cool product that you Crypto Hunters can look more into but finally they also have a marketplace for telco assets and this is powered.

What Is Dent Crypto?

By the dent token the dent exchange is the world’s first marketplace for telco assets such as mobile data and voice minutes assets from over 220 telcos are already being used by over 26 million users worldwide so they definitely do have a lot of people using this and this could be a very good investment for the future so what i want to go over now is kind of a quick technical analysis on trading view just give you Crypto Hunters a quick overview of the summary whether it is a buy or sell and we do see that over.

There over the last days so this is a daily period we do see that the oscillators are neutral and the moving averages are a strong buy now obviously because this thing has been plummeting uh over the last few days if i go to a four hour chart or a four hour time frame these things just go all to sell but again like i’ve mentioned in my other articles when i invest in cryptocurrencies i am investing for the long haul so the hourly change and the four hourly changes or whatever the case may be doesn’t really.

How To Buy Dent Cryptocurrency

Matter too much to me i’m putting an amount of money that i’m comfortable uh losing if ever it were to go zero to zero but i’m also putting an amount of money that i’m like okay well if it goes to a thousand times x that amount i’m gonna be making a decent amount of money but again Crypto Hunters this is not financial advice by any means i am not a financial advisor this is just for entertainment and educational purposes so with that out of the way if we go back to the buy we do see that.

The moving averages are signaling a strong buy which is why the summary brings out a buy so out of all of the moving averages we see that 11 of them are a buy and only three of them are a sell so the last thing i want to kind of show you Crypto Hunters is the chart on dent if we go over quickly uh the top tick here which was that all-time high like i said around 0.022 so about two cents or so we do see it got a lot of resistance there and just went all the.

Dent Price Today

Way back down to where we are now which is around 0.01385 so Crypto Hunters what are we looking at here so if i zoom in a bit just to give you Crypto Hunters some idea i really do see a lot of support which was kind of obviously already established around this level so when it got that initial dip it went all the way back down in a hurry and it double bottomed right around here so right around that 0.0130 so on that even 0.0130 we are going to have a lot of support and it kind of correlates.

Very well with this previous high on uh march 29th so before that top tick and it kind of consolidated on this high we do see that this will be acting as a very big sign of support so if ever we were to break that support i really do think that this 25 day moving average this red line is going to be our next line of support so that would be on today’s date around 0.011 if it were to break that support now what i do think on the opposite side so on resistance sides we are.

Dent Coin News

Definitely going to see a lot of resistance and we’re going to need a lot of volume a lot more than that 146 million volume over the last day so we do see that this line right here so this top tick on this red candle is going to be a massive sign of resistance and that is at 0.017 so Crypto Hunters what i see in the next couple of days for dent coin is basically if i draw it out we’re going to probably hit that bottom right around here around that support and keep an eye. Dent price today, DENT live marketcap, chart, and info | CoinMarketCap

This support level we do have to hold this if not it’s probably going to go back down to that 25-day moving average as i’ve mentioned but in my opinion we’re going to find support on this like we’ve seen before and then we’re going to bounce from there so if i take another arrow we’re going to go all the way probably testing that resistance here and then we’re going to consolidate within this range of this top tick so if i put another horizontal line for you Crypto Hunters right around here at this level we’re going to consolidate.

Within this range so just to give you Crypto Hunters a better view uh i’ll take a rectangle tool so within this range we’re going to be consolidating which kind of what we see around here right now we’re consolidating within this range if we do establish support at this 0.017 which is the resistance right now we’re going to be consolidating in this range and again i’m expecting another kind of similar move as the one i’m predicting now to go into this range and finally break out from the previous highs so again Crypto Hunters these are just my opinions. Dent price, chart, market cap and info | CoinGecko