Is Theta A Good Investment?

Hold the crypto bag when it’s going price discovery mode because there is infinite possibilities it could go double triple and more than that okay and more than that obviously it could also do a fake out and bounce back but you can see this is a this is a.

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Big cup and handle here on the daily time frame okay we just need to close a daily candle body above this level guys above the 60 cents level and that are gonna go probably nightmare teta was an amazing trade we nailed it in march okay we actually bought.

What Is Theta Worth?

Around here in me and my trading group that was an epic trade and you know this is a legit coin it’s not it’s not a it’s not a scam okay there is some serious development behind this one and yeah i’m not saying by now i’m saying if you.

What Can I Do With Theta?

Don’t have a bag just add it to your order the watch list okay because this coin when you’re talking about t8 looking great okay we need more volume to break out we need more volume to configure the breakout and but put it on your radar because this this thing is a consolidation from may 26 okay it’s around four months under this resistance once it’s gonna break this resistance there is a good possibility it’s gonna make a very bullish move all right guys so keep that one on the radar i actually have a bag okay i.

What Is Theta Fuel Used For?

Actually have a bag i’m gonna hold it and i’m gonna hold it as long as it’s above this low okay once it’s gonna break under sorry this low okay let’s move on four hour as long as it’s above this low that low right here around 49 cents i’m cool with holding it if it’s gonna break lower i’m gonna cut it out and buy the dip all right guys now anyway what i wanted to say just add it to your watch list data looking great okay this thing takes some time okay it’s not gonna buy now.

Theta Price Prediction 2025

And tomorrow you’re gonna be up at 10x okay this is not uniswap token okay but keep that on your radar because this is a very very good trading setup okay you can see it’s amazing trading setup once it’s gonna break this level there is a good possibility of a serious serious move all right guys now if it’s gonna break out don’t forget to take profits okay take profits every 10 20 move take 20 position do whatever you want but just take profits along the way because you know things don’t go just straight up vertical they’re. Theta (THETA) price prediction | Bitgur

Theta Price Prediction 2030

Gonna pull back and here you can you can actually position size here you can buy the breakout of this level wait for the run up okay you can sell a little bit on the on this into strength buy the pullback add to your position here so now you have a bigger position and so on okay and then you can also raise your stop loss okay if you don’t know how to trade okay and you’re new to trading crypto stop the article click on the link in the description i have an amazing trading group we’re giving.

Theta News

Trade signals market update i’m always here for my platforms anything you need choose a tier and join the movement guys we are killing it and we’re gonna make tons tons of money but there is a very very you have to know how to trade crypto crypto you’re not gonna get rich in one day if it’s a process it takes time you need to commit to it and you need to be consistently winner you cannot have one winning trade and expect to get rich okay also you will have to know how to take profit all the.