Is Tfuel A Good Investment?

You buy a tissue if you don’t have t fuel okay first of all you don’t want to buy on these kind of parabolic pumps because probably you’re going to get some kind of a of a pullback at some point maybe from here maybe from 50 maybe from a.

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Dollar or whatever but at some point you’re gonna get some kind of pullback consolidation maybe a big ball flag maybe a falling wedge and you don’t want to hold it you know buy now and hold it on a on a you know 40 pullback okay because once they.

What Is Tfuel Worth?

Go parabolic they also go correcting to the downside quite fast but don’t get me wrong i’m still very very bullish on t fuel will hold a big chunk of tea fuel till the theta main net probably in 20th of april but at the moment if you don’t have.

What Can I Do With Tfuel?

A bag you don’t want to buy now because this is a very very risky play and you don’t want to trade with a high risk you want to buy it once it gives you a little base consolidation something like that you can see it had a little box here or ascending triangle that was a perfect entry same here another little re-accumulation box boom boom this is what you’re looking for and it’s going to happen it’s going to happen because we have a lot of you know we have like more almost two months till the events.

What Is Theta Fuel Used For?

So basically you know uh you have time you have time but if you’ve been buying t fuel at the lows give yourself a like like the article and subscribe to the channel comment down below what’s your price target for t fuel by april i’m expecting the way it’s moving right now i wouldn’t be surprised to see a dollar t fuel and i want to give a shout out to our trading group guys let me share with you this setup we’ve been buying it here i want to share with you the group that was amazing trade.

Tfuel Price Prediction 2025

Okay it was happened march 4th okay you can see that’s the alert let me zoom in here tcu breakout rate by t fuel at one three eight okay let me zoom in here that’s the breakout zone around one three eight we are already up on our bag guys massive gain already 200 gains in a matter of seven days do yourself a favor if you’re new to crypto and even if you’re an experienced trader join our trading group link in the description you can click on this link and it will take you to our landing page.