What Is Luna Coin?

This is a monster now at the moment it’s going parabolic you want to wait for it to pull back or retrace or just ignore it because it’s already going nightmare mode and you don’t want to fomo into a coin that is already pumping like hell you want to.

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Look for this kind of consolidation this kind of consolidation that was the place i was watching it right here when it was consolidated i totally missed on the first leg up which was massive and then it went sideways for around 20 days something like that yeah 20 days.

Is Luna A Stablecoin?

Sideways consolidation i thought it would top out but it broke bullish this is a very bullish coin now obviously i have a bag but i’m gonna i’m gonna buy more once it’s gonna consolidate more or you know and the bag i’m just gonna let it ride because this.

Thing is on fire look at that this is already 7.8 billion market cap okay it’s like what did what the number now in the market cap it’s already number 14 out of nowhere it’s exploding in value this is amazing it’s amazing amazing coin to watch and it’s amazing point hold and let’s look on luna btc luna btc also making amazing games you can see the candle becoming big okay the candle is becoming big it’s starting to go in crazy parabolic nightmare mode and i’m gonna start taking profit obviously along the way if i see it.

Is Luna Coin A Good Investment?

Starts printing you know like 50 candle a day obviously i’m going gonna take some profit but at the moment i’m just gonna let it ride and yeah let it ride and let it grow our portfolio now i wanna share with you by the way if you hold luna like the article follow to the rcas blog leave a comment down below tell me what you think about luna what’s your price target what’s your expectation i mean i’m just gonna let it ride i don’t have any price target just gonna let it ride once it’s gonna flip a.

How Do I Get The Terra Luna Coin?

Blow off top candle or a or a bearish candle at the top i’m gonna cash it out and look for a buyback and i want to share with you we took the trade okay on the btc chart let me show you this shut up setup sorry in the trading group okay it was like march 4th okay 12 days ago luna swing trade look at that let me zoom in here we’re spotting the bullish reversal inverse head and shoulder it did here and look at that we’ve been buying it here by the break above 16 000.