Is Bnb Worth Buying?

It shows strength now binance point if you’re considering a buying buying bonus coin in mapping by the way it’s not a financial advice my opinion this is a very good coin to huddle it’s a cash cow because first of all it’s the second largest altcoin after ethereum so.

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It’s not gonna go anywhere they’re not gonna pump and dump it okay because it’s too liquid it’s too big to be manipulated you know like just like a small cap coin okay also they have the token burn so put it on your radar they have to talk and.

Should You Buy Bnb? In 2021

Burn this month so that’s increase the demand for this token okay and also b b is a very bullish coin as you can see it broke out of the nice reaccumulation here at the top okay that was a beautiful reaccumulation here for around 40 days let me measure.

What Can You Do With Bnb?

That one yeah 40 days consolidation here at the top and we just 20 from that breakout i’m expecting a massive move from banan’s coin i’m actually expecting to see i wouldn’t be surprised to see binance coin hit a thousand okay i don’t know if this month but maybe the month after it you can see the fib extension if you measure the first leg up the 2618 extension it’s a 1k okay now more conservative targets in my opinion 700 we can see 700 this month we can see 700 this month i would i wouldn’t be i.

Is Bnb A Security?

Wouldn’t be surprised to see finance coin hit 700 by the way if you hold bonus coin like the article follow to the rcas blog leave a comment down below now basically my strategy for binance coin is just a huddle it’s a it’s an active huddling basic what it means it means as long as we are holding this trend line you can see it’s a nice trend we’re making higher lows and higher high you can you use also the daily chart the daily chart is much better okay so as long as we’re holding this daily chart trendline.

Will Bnb Rise In 2021

There is no reason to sell okay once i see a big you know rejection or a bearish candle then i’m to consider selling that at the moment i’m happy with holding binance coin i want to share with you we nailed this binance coin for a while uh we’ve been buying it here okay let me show you that setup that setup was around 141 dollar we’ve been buying it okay at 141 dollar in february and we also bought more lately we bought a huge bag on the breakout of the triangle okay at 293 okay that’s the.

Is Binance Coin A Good Investment 2021

Setup 293 scoop some bnb okay so if you were in our trading group 293 that was where we’ve been buying it let me show you 293 that’s around this level yes we’re already up on that bag from this entry 50 now again you have a lot of coins to buy but you know a lot of new money chasing you know a lot of new investors chasing the pumps the big pumps they want to buy the big pump because they think they’re gonna make the highest amount of money in the fastest way but there is a.

Very high risk of buying these coins for example if you look on file coin okay file coin was the top of the you know the top of everything lately but it printed this massive candle now a guy a person that do not look on charts and do not know how to interpret charts will never sell let’s say he bought here at 230 because they don’t look uncharted you cannot really know when to get out of a trade out this is a bearish chart okay it flipped berries you can see a big rejection a doji candle.

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At the top reversal candle so it’s very important not to follow into this hyper pumped chart and look for a better trade okay better trade much less risk you wanna you wanna save your money first you wanna save your money then you want to multiply it and compound your profit okay so if you want to join our trading group do yourself a favor you know you can make sick money with us you just stop the article here click on the first link on this in the description choose a tier you get market updates every day.